Llevant (5 People)


This apartment is located on the second floor of MAS GUITART, in the upper area of the eastern wing. It provides a magnificent view on the fields and woods that surround the House, and thence you can even sight the lighted belfry of the church of Sant Julià, at Galliners.

Although the lodging is a private unit, its proximity to the apartment Ponent enables a good communication for groups and large families.

The Llevant includes one double room (with double bed), one triple or quadruple room (with single beds), a complete bathroom, a dining room cum kitchen and also a living room. All those rooms receive direct daylight and have an adjustable heating system.

Moreover there is a fireplace at the living room, where firewood is already available.

Can Guitart
17468 Vilademuls – Girona

Tel. +34 972 560 320
Mòb. +34 660 193 541